Admission with unpaid charges

A new query “Open admission with unpaid charges” has been added that finds admissions where the school charges of the student are unpaid in previous school years.

There is also a new column “On file” on the application list to see if there is a student in the system or whether a new student is involved.


Teacher groups


Teacher can now add his own students to his own groups.

A drop down list with the teachers students is now displayed on the Class page for teachers. The teacher can then choose from the list and click the (+) button to add student to his group. The teacher can also register a termination date if the students quits.

The maximum student count can be set to groups so that students can only be added if there are vacancies.


Concert program

It is now possible to register instrument, author and notes when registering students on a project. Teachers can select the instrument and that helps the organizer in ordering the students. Accessories needed for the performance can be registered in the notes field for instance music stand etc.

The program for the concert can be retrieved as a Word document and adjustments can be made before printing.

It is possible to indicate a group performance by entering the same order number on the project task. It is possible to edit the group performance by clicking on the arrow and the author and piece can be edited for all students. It is also possible to delete the selected task.


The role “Student edit”

A new role Student edit has been added. This role can lookup and edit all students. The name of the role Manager has been changed to Student read. It is now also possible to assign many roles to a user.

The following roles are availaable:

  • Admin: Complete access
  • Secretary: Same as admin but can not assign roles to other users
  • Student edit: Can lookup and edit all students
  • Student read: Can lookup all students but not edit
  • Teacher: Has access to own students

Project attendance

Attendance can now be registered on a project, you can record Present, Late, Sick, Authorization or Absence of each item. It is best to do this on the project page but can also be recorded on the Project tab on the Student page.

Teachers can only register their own students, but you can file a supervisor of the project that can register all the students in the project.

Parents can also register attendance on projects.

New features 2016

Happy new year 2017. The following are the new features that where added to the system the past year 2016.

  • Parents
    • can sign in to see student evaluations
    • can sign in to report absence
    • searching for parents on previous school years
  • Projects
    • Groups can be registered on to projects
    • Concerts can have maximum length
    • Project length can be set to required
    • Sorting of concert participants
  • Teachers
    • Teacher can search for students
    • Teacher can see which students are his when looking at other groups
    • Teacher subjects can be set on the Teacher page
  • Examinations
    • Judge can have access to examinations he is judging
    • Examination can be registered to a group
  • Admission form
    • New admission button added to the admission form
    • Admission can be viewed on the Student page
  • E-mail
    • Receipt can be sent in e-mail
    • Automatic welcome e-mail
    • E-mail validation
  • Commands
    • Add mark to students and teachers
    • Add marked students to group
    • Family discount
    • Set the close status to examinations
  • Queries
    • Columns can be selected for queries
    • Incorrect e-mails
    • Phone book with mother and father
    • Many new columns added
  • Other
    • New icons
    • Timetable registration on the Class room page
    • One instrument can be set to be leased to many students

New schools

  • Tónlistarskóli Vestmannaeyja
  • Tónlistarskóli Árbæjar