School Archive is a student registry for music schools. With this system your school information is well organized, validated and available online. The system is an administration tool for administrators, teachers and parents. Suitable for small to large art schools. Works any time online on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

The following are the main features of the system:

  • Admission form
    • Automatic reply e-mail
    • Automatic enrollment (welcome) e-mail
    • Custom fields on admission form
  • Parent sign in
    • change of address, e-mail and phone numbers
    • view information about school charges and payments
    • view attendance, timetable, student evaluations, examiations and projects
    • report student absence
    • Possibility of payments with credit card (requires integration with a 3rd party company that processes cards, such as DIBS)
  • Communications
    • Individual and group e-mail deliverd from the system
    • SMS
    • Sophisticated e-mail verification
  •  Students
    • Private and group lessons
    • Timetable
    • Student attendance
    • Examination and evaluations
    • Study material registration and planning
    • Instrument lease
  • Parents
    • School charges, payments
    • Payment distribution 3-8 payments
    • Billing lists
  • Teachers
    • Teacher access
    • Division manager access
    • Timetable
  • Class rooms
    • Timetable
    • Room booking
    • Class room inventory
  • Inventory registry with photo and maintenance records
  • Data queries where columns can be selected viewed in browser or Excel
  • Reports that can be exported to PDF, Word and Excel
  • User interface for desktop, tablets and smartphones
  • Roles for access control
  • Access to daily  backup (not for teachers)
  • Continuous delivery of new features

User manual

User manual is provided with in the system both for teachers and administrators.   News about the system and innovations are provided on this website. You can click on the subscribe button to to get e-mail with updates.


The system is written in ASP.NET 4.6 from Microsoft with Microsoft Visual Studio. Data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database. Reports are made with Reporting Services for Microsoft SQL Server. The system is hosted on a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 web server.

All browser communication is encrypted with TLS, since the url starts with https instead of http.

The database is automatically backed up daily. Daily versions of the database are saved to enable retrieval of data that is accidentally deleted.  This version can be used for testing and training.

Passwords are protected with (hash) encryption so that the actual passwords can not be retrieved directly from the database.


School Archive is used by 38 schools mainly in Iceland. The system has been in steady development from the year 1989. The schools using the system have come with many suggestions and ideas that have helped the development of the system.

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