Concert program

It is now possible to register instrument, author and notes when registering students on a project. Teachers can select the instrument and that helps the organizer in ordering the students. Accessories needed for the performance can be registered in the notes field for instance music stand etc.

The program for the concert can be retrieved as a Word document and adjustments can be made before printing.

It is possible to indicate a group performance by entering the same order number on the project task. It is possible to edit the group performance by clicking on the arrow and the author and piece can be edited for all students. It is also possible to delete the selected task.



Project attendance

Attendance can now be registered on a project, you can record Present, Late, Sick, Authorization or Absence of each item. It is best to do this on the project page but can also be recorded on the Project tab on the Student page.

Teachers can only register their own students, but you can file a supervisor of the project that can register all the students in the project.

Parents can also register attendance on projects.